Audit services we offer are very useful for our customers, with an operational approach and functional, with a proper understanding of the client's business issue enabling constructive suggestions and recommendations for improving the internal control system.
Our work is performed based on an operating purely functional approach, ie, it is not limited to a simple enumeration of problems or deficiencies, but, from a better understanding of the customer's business, is attached to each finding audit with suggestions for their solution.

We detail below our services in this area:

      • Financial Audit
      • Operational Audit
      • Systems Audit
      • Payroll Audit and Compliance Personnel and Labor Provisions Social nature
      • Special Audit or Compliance: Purchases of goods and raw materials, entas, - Treasury, etc..
      • Fraud Auditing
      • Evaluation and Testing of Internal Control System
      • Advice on Accounting and Regulatory Aspects