Refers to due compliance with tax obligations of customers both substantive and formal. In this area we have a staff of highly trained and ready to provide "Fiscal Assistance to Measure".
Our experts tax experts help individuals and companies to identify problems or weaknesses, opportunities anticipating and planning solutions.

We detail below our services in this area:

      • Tax Audit compliance to the regulations issued by the Internal Revenue Service.
      • Preparation or review of national tax returns.
      • Outsourcing of calculation and presentation of affidavits.
      • Recovery of tax credits and credit balances.
      • Advice queries that arise on the following taxes: VAT, VAT RC, remittances abroad, Transaction Tax and SUI, buildings and vehicles.
      • Making tax committees (Quarterly) to evaluate the evolution of the tax impact of tax on the profits of the company or deal with any topic of interest in the area.
      • Attention to the way government defenses against tax authorities in respect of taxes described above (answer to placements, SO, special requests and petitions for reconsideration.